Smoking a cigar is generally as part of a major celebration, wedding, first child, first grand son etc. Cigars can be extremely expensive and their chests which store them can be insanely expensive too. This new cigar chest announced today is the most off the chain we have ever seen.


Called the Emperador and made by Imperiali Geneve this cigar chest comes with the works. It is the all-in-one cigar experience.

Made of 2,675 components and only 12 made each year this chest takes thousands of hours to build by hand. The creation of this product relies on designs by Swiss watch-makers and experts from 27 different trades. It is 70cm long, 45cm wide and 30cm tall. It contains 24 cigars which are wrapped in gold leaf and protected in individual glass tubes.


All of these are protected by pin code which buttons only appear after you move your hand close to the top of the chest. Mechanical hands in the dial display the temperate inside the chest, the amount of cigars remaining and power meter. The power is required to maintain a certain temperature for the cigars to remain in perfect condition.


Three accessories are built into the chest. The cigar cutter is a work of art as you insert the cigar through the laser marking, press a button and it is snipped clean. The lighter is three small gas burners that project flames that meet in the middle to ensure the cigar is lit straight and in one hit.


The ash tray is concealed until the cigar is placed close to it, the trap door then opens allowing the ash to fall into a hidden tray.


The last feature is that if you want to rest your cigar on the chest you can bring it close and a gold piece will raise to hold the cigar in place perfectly.


This really is the most insane cigar chest we have seen. It isn’t cheap, it is rare and it would cost you $1.5 million AUD if you wanted one today.

Now, go ahead and watch the insane commercial to go with it.