Foldable Keyboard for multiple mobile devices – Microsoft Foldable Keyboard REVIEW

There are plenty of keyboard accessories available for your tablet, there are even some cool keyboards for your computer which will at the flick of a switch control your smartphone or tablet.  Microsoft have something cool for people on the go with multiple devices – a Universal Foldable Keyboard.

This thing is about the size of a CD – for those of you old enough to remember a CD. But looking at it on a desk you’d have no idea what it was until you grab it and open it up.


Inside you won’t find a CD, nope, by opening it up – you power on a Bluetooth keyboard.

First time you use it, press and hold the device button top left and pairing initiates.  Open Bluetooth on your phone and tablet for a quick pairing experience.


But here’s where it gets cool – yep, cooler than a foldable keyboard.  Press the second device button and you can pair a second device.

Both devices can be connected at the same time, the press of a button switches the keyboard control from one to another.


In my testing – worked great.  Now, give it a second or three to “switch” but yep, typing on the tablet, then on the phone.  Easy.

It will work on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows devices and is just 5mm thin/thick.


The keys are genuine push keys, not a fabric touch sensor so it feels very normal, but just a touch cramped.  While they say it’s a full-sized keyset it’s smaller than you might be used to as the keys aren’t spaced out.

Power on and off is simply open and close, and with Bluetooth 4.0 the battery won’t cause you concern – up to three months usage. with MicroUSB to charge it.


And when you’re using it on the go, at the airport lounge or on the plane, a spill ain’t an issue because it has a water-repellent fabric all over as well as the keys being ready for little accidents.

Simple.  At $129.95 it’s not the cheapest portable keyboard, but it sure is unique.


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