YouTube Australia have released a few “top lists” of content we Aussies are watching on YouTube and the results are, well, surprising.

Perhaps an indication of the shell I’m living under, I’ve not heard of or seen almost any of these videos.

In terms of Trending Videos, the Ed Sheeran Carpool Karoke is a cracker, and Celebrities Read Mean Tweets is good stuff too – but ladies and gentlemen, what the hell is Superwog? It’s like the worst spin off of Acropolis Now ever, but welcome to the world of YouTube content!

The top ten Aussie Trending videos:

Music is big on YouTube, and Ed Sheeran once again makes the list, this time topping the charts:

And when it comes to up and coming Aussie content creators, apparently it doesn’t get any bigger than this:

These animated short videos are graphically impressive, but confusing as all hell.

The top 10 emerging Aussie creators are: