These are not for everyone.  Reason being, they are $3,499.  But, they are sensational, and if you are someone who happens to live in a home with spectacular views, or loves to cast an eye to the sky now and then – they should be on your must have list. SkyHawk 9600 ultra-high powered binoculars are just that – big arse binoculars.

The cost covers everything, the tripod, dolly wheels, the binoculars, the lenses and the hard case. So overall it’s actually a ripping good package.


I was lucky enough to get an eye into them looking over Sydney Harbour, and the view was amazing.  From the Sydney Theatre Company wharf I could see the smiles on the faces of people doing Bridgeclimb.

There are two sets of lenses, offering 25x and 40x magnification and while that sounds great, to be honest my only disappointment was the 40x didn’t offer the kind of zoom I was expecting – for the most part the 25x will be perfectly fine.


Easy to wheel around on the dolly wheels its a unit that can sit on the balcony of a luxury home and move to see whatever you want.  The pan and tilt head is controlled by a single lever which makes finding the subject of your view very easy.


And to top it off, comes with a smartphone mount – so you can mount your smartphone to take a photo through the SkyHawk of whatever it is you’re focussed on.

At $3,499 they’re not for me, but perhaps there’s a market out there.

Distributed in Australia and available online from if you’re keen you can call Chris on 02 6601 7278 because I’m sure he’d love to tell you more!