Ever thought that the one function a camcorder needed to make it amazing was a built-in projector? Neither did we, but now that there is one, it does seem pretty damn amazing.

Sony has just released the Project Handycam PJ series of small camcorders that have a built in projector. Sony has been pumping out the TV commercials of late so you may have already seen it in action. There are three varieties, each with a small projector that is built into the flip out screen so you can angle it perfectly no matter where you are or where you rest your Handycam.

You have a choice of the Project Handycam HDR-PJ10E, HDR-PJ30V or HDR-PJ50V. Each has the projector built into the flip screen – a high contrast projector that is able to create images up to 60-inches diagonally. They all also come with a clear phase stereo speaker to create sound as crystal clear as you will get from a portable device running on batteries.

The big difference between the three Project Handycams is the storage. The HDR-PJ10E comes with 16GB of flash storage while the HDR-PJ30V will increase that to 32GB of flash memory. Step up to the HDR-PJ50V and you will get a whopping 220GB of storage but in the form of HDD rather than flash.

Each camera is compact enough to carry around in your man bag. If you buy online from Sony before the end of January you will also score yourself a free portable hard drive and bag plus free delivery. Of course, you’ll pay RRP though.

The Sony Project Handycam is available now in time for summer.

Price: From $899
Web: Sony