Nismo Festival 2015 has been and gone, the track has now gone quiet and the garages empty. It was a big day for Nissan lovers in Japan with close to 30,000 spectators and more Nissans than you could poke a stick at. Which cars caught our eye at the Festival?


Nissan R90CP

This 1990 Group C spec car took three victories in the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship. Weighing only 900Kg and with over 800HP and with aerodynamics to make your heart sing.


Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3

This is the beauty that won the Bathurst 12hr in February 2015, yes, the time Nissan conquered the mountain again. Anyone who remembers the race will be familiar with that last 15 minutes of the 12 hour race where it took first place. This GT-R has 405kW, 637Nm of torque and weights 1300kg.


Tomica Skyline Turbo

The wild red skyline just caught our attention, that bodykit makes the original version almost non-recognisable. It is the equivalent of the Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner conversion. This Skyline was competing in races in 1982 and 1983 with a total of seven victories. It has over 570HP and weighs 1050kg.


Calsonic-IMPUL GT-R

This GT500 2015 spec Nissan GT-R took 4 podiums this year but the livery on the car takes me back to Forza, Gran Turismo and almost any car game featuring Japanese race cars. These cars put out over 550HP, weigh a little over a tonne and take on the big boys in the GT500 series.


Nissan GT-R Nismo

This looks a little understated among some of the race cars on display however it’s noteworthy because it’s holding the current record for a street, production car around Nurburgring. It’s recorded time was 7 minutes and 8.679 seconds.


Sitting in the parking area away from the Nissan hive were these lovely beauties. Two Ferrari 458’s and a Lamborghini Aventador.


The Mansory modified Rolls Royce Ghost is the Rolls Royce that needier Rolls Royce buyers buy. It is even more luxurious, even more powerful and even sexier than the original versions. Oh and a heck of a lot more expensive.


There were SO many cars on display and on track however these pretty ladies were our top picks.