What is it with some bureaucrats, have they lost all touch with reality? That’s the question being asked by Australia’s most renowned landscape photographer Ken Duncan after he was approached by Rangers at Sydney’s Barangaroo Reserve while taking photos.

If you haven’t heard of Ken Duncan and seen his amazing work, you’ve been living under a rock.  This bloke takes some of the most spectacular landscape photography around this beautiful country.

So when his name popped up in my Facebook feed I took notice.  Especially given his post began with “What a ridiculous day”.

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Turns out, Ken had been down at the beautiful new Barangaroo Reserve in Sydney.  He wanted to snap some pictures of the area for his mates at Gosford Quarries who supplied the Sandstone for the regeneration of the area.


Spotted on CCTV Rangers were dispatched, who proceeded to tell Ken they would have to call the Police if he didn’t stop taking photos.

Seriously?  What the hell?


Barangaroo is a public space.  I’m sure the council and government would twist it to say taxpayers didn’t chip in a cent to build it, but that’s because the huge commercial buildings and casino being built just south of it are how it’s been funded, so you could argue we paid for it by allowing commercial development in the area.

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The website for Barangaroo outlines some of the strange restrictions on the area, like no ball-sports or fishing.  And don’t even think of flying a drone!

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Might just challenge that one, because flying there would not be a breach of CASA rules and regulations.

So just who is making these rules? And are they even enforceable?  Doubtful.  Perhaps as Ken is suggesting we should all go along en mass and take photos.  What would they do then?

The post is going viral, and getting some fabulous comments – so join in, tell Ken what you think!


What a ridiculous day. I was nearly arrested for taking photos at Barangaroo in Sydney. I was there taking some photos…

Posted by Ken Duncan on Friday, November 27, 2015