Adding to its range of connected wellbeing devices, Garmin have announced a new product – the “Index Smart Scale” is a bathroom scale – with a whole lot more.

Not the first product of its kind the key to the Garmin Index Smart Scale is the Garmin ecosystem which means if you’ve got a Vivofit tracker and the scale you can get a complete picture of your health.

On its own though there’s still a huge range of features.

Garmin Index Smart Scale copy

Program up to 16 different users so that everyone in the house (or perhaps your small office) can have a profile on the scales.  The scales are smart enough to work out who is standing on them and match the profile.

While you’re standing there the Scales measure Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Water Percentage, Muscle Mass and Bone Mass.


All that data is uploaded via your WiFi network to the Garmin Connect cloud so you can view it online and on the Garmin Connect App.

Available now, the Garmin Index Smart Scale comes in both black and white for a recommended retail price of AU$249.00.

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