Ok this feels like it’s taking the “there’s an app for that” to the extreme, but it’s for real – and it’s legit. SkinVision has launched in Australia as part of Skin Cancer Action Week this week.

The concept is simple, using your smartphone’s camera, and the power of the internet you can take a photo of a suspect legion on your skin and get a quick assessment.


Yes, I was pretty skeptical. But on first use I was impressed. A simple freckle was quickly deemed ok, but then a more worrying “looking” mole also got the ok.


That same mole has been checked by doctors many times, so for the app to not make an assessment based on how hideous something looked but to perform some genuine analysis was impressive. It’s all based on “fractal geometry” but let’s not get into the detail:)


Of course, there’s always the important physical check your doctor can make, but one key feature of the app is to keep an archive. So you can take regular photos and monitor the change in any freckle or mole over time. Share that with your doctor too.

The app also lets you find specialists in your area.


Skin cancers account for 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers each year and we all know Australian’s love the sun, so – using SkinVision could help the bigger picture.