Nespresso and the mad scientists have been at it again, this time producing three new flavours just in time for the Christmas season. They are all based on the Livanto flavour and have an intensity rating of 6. We’ve sampled them all, multiple times and can tell you the following.


Vanilla Amaretti

With indulgent almond and vanilla flavours, the aromas of Vanilla Amaretti are reminiscent of sweet amaretti biscuits, and are paired with the roasted caramel notes of the Livanto Grand Cru to create a rounded finish.


Ciocco Ginger

The daring marriage between the Livanto Grand Cru’s fragrant roasted notes and a deep dark chocolate flavour is enlivened with ginger hints in this Variation, offering a delightfully spicy festive experience.


Vanilla Cardamom

The delicate harmony between vanilla and cardamom aromas awakens Livanto’s toasted notes for an extraordinary coffee experience.


Our favourite of the three has been the Vanilla Amaretti, it goes extremely well with a chocolate. Usually we prefer the standard flavours, the Volluto in particular however these are a great addition to those entertaining and wanting to surprise guests as part of dessert. The aromas and flavours are fantastic to experience.

They are on sale from today with a standard price of $8.40 per 10.