When I had a Pioneer car stereo installed in my trusty little Mazda 2, it was awesome. Touch-screen, easy to read, and so much better than what the car came with. Then they upgraded the firmware to support Apple Carplay – that was fantastic. So how do you go one step further? Android Auto support of course.


As soon as it was available I had the unit swapped out for one that was compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This means that a household with multiple mobile operating systems could share the car and enjoy the in-car entertainment as they should be able to.


While most people would use one or the other, when you need the other – it’s there.


Android Auto and Apple Carplay are not products of Pioneer, and they battle head to head with Android Auto probably pipping Carplay on function, but gee wiz it’s a close battle.

Pioneer brought them both to cars – the car you own now – so no need to lo0k at a new Ferrari to get your Carplay fix, or a Hyundai for both, you can keep your current car and upgrade the stereo.


The experience is excellent, and Pioneer have done it very well.