I’ve resisted for some time the move to these giant phones, but this year with the iPhone 6s Plus there was one feature I wanted to test, and it was the feature that makes this the best Smartphone of 2015.


Now, let me start by saying, the iPhone wins the prize, the question was only which one. The 6s or the 6s Plus. Apple saw off some formidable competition this year. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a beautiful phone, great design, great materials, but a backward step in some ways for what Samsung stood for.

No more water resistance, no more external memory. Then there’s the LG G4, beautiful phone, some great operating system tweaks and that leather back.. Wow. But still, just pipped by the iPhone’s simplicity, design and app depth.

Finally the Sony Xperia Z5 – great device, waterproof, superb camera, but with all those features it felt a touch sluggish compared to the rest.

With those phones all sitting at the finish line, we went for the photo – photo finish. Or in this case, a video.


Sitting at the keynote with Tim Cook introducing the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, I remember clearly them showing videos of people walking down steps and filming. The motion was smooth – too smooth I thought. This was Optical Image Stabilisation and it’s only available in the bigger iPhone the 6s Plus.

I’d never used the Plus for more than a few days. I’ve now been using it for months.

On a family holiday, I tested the camera by running alongside my son who was riding his bike. That did it.

Too good, and a winner. The EFTM Best Award for 2015 – Best Smartphone.