When we reviewed the Breville Oracle coffee machine in August we knew we were using something special.


This year we stepped up our view in the kitchen, we shared recipes with you, tested coffee machines, blenders and more. There is no reason why us blokes can’t thrive in the kitchen and nothing impresses guests more than a good coffee at home. For the most of us a Nespresso machine will do the job but for those who have been there and done that, the Breville Oracle is the next real step up. It is the machine that will take you from the home coffee to cafe status coffee from home. Your local cafe will be upset to hear you have bought the machine but you’ll love to short walk to your new in kitchen cafe for coffee.

While a cafe style coffee could sound much harder to produce, Breville has made it rather simple, grind, brew, clean, froth, all from one machine. The settings are self explanatory and the result is in the first sip. Glorious.


It is for this reason that we are awarding the Breville Oracle, the EFTM Best Kitchen Gadget for 2015.