This product wasn’t actually released this year, however the Oral-B SmartSeries is a bluetooth toothbrush that is still more advanced than any other dental product on the market. Pairing your phone to your toothbrush may sound a little pointless and weird however in practice it is actually quite smart.


Keeping a log of your brushing habits, having your phone remind you to floss or focus on problem areas is always advantageous. And imagine when this data will be shared with your dentist, it opens a whole new range of possibilities and being a regular user of this toothbrush we can confirm that it makes complete sense.

OralB_SmartSeries_Brush and smartphone (1)

Beyond the tech inside, the toothbrush itself does a great job, plenty of modes ensures you have pearly whites and when you’re on TV to a national audience it certainly helps!


For all of these reasons (and more) this is why we can confidently award the Oral-B bluetooth toothbrush with the EFTM Best Grooming award for 2015.