When you step up the budget a little, gifts under $300 can be very impressive. Take a look at these beauties.

Red Bull Racing Casio Watch

Less than $300 and a style that will be worn with pride at the track and at the office. It’s not an over the top wrist-watch yet has enough styling cues to keep it interesting. If your recipient is a racing fan than this is a winner. Check out more about it here



Sphero BB-8

Star Wars fan? If so, they know about this, they want this, just check that they don’t already have this. This is the droid you are looking for. This is the newest character from the new Star Wars film being released before Christmas. The movie isn’t even out yet however it is the most popular figure in cinema today. A bunch of fun to play with this product from your smartphone. Check our write-up on the BB-8 here


An eReader

If you’re recipient is a massive commuter or is planning a holiday soon then an eReader is THE gift. Store thousands of books on these bad boys and with battery life for at least a month they’ll never miss the end of that chapter. eReaders don’t just display the page of the book, they allow highlighting, word definitions and more, this makes the reading experience totally different and very improved. Our pic of the eReader crop is the Amazon Kindle, read our piece on it here



A Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers have been all the rage for a while however in the home things have moved from bluetooth streaming to internet connected Wi-Fi speakers. They don’t rely on your phone the entire time, can connect to more services and the one from Sonos under $300 sounds fantastic. The Play: 1 is a little weapon in audio, the app that controls it is fantastic and hey – even plays tracks from the Apple Music service. They’ll thank you and thank you again. We’ve listed three in the article here but our pick is obvious.


Smart Home Kit

The internet connected home is here and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Belkin has a great range of devices to control devices around the home with your phone. Turn on a lamp, turn on your fan or even making sure your iron is turned off, all from your phone when you’re at home or away. Prices start well below $300 but don’t give just one, make a bundle of it and make a great gift out of it. Our article on the Belkin WeMo is here