Aftermarket 360 Degree Cameras for your car

While a lot of CES 2016 is about the big manufacturers making headline grabbing announcements CES is also where many aftermarket manufacturers show off their products.


One thing I’ve observed here at CES 2016 is the seamless incorporation of aftermarket accessories with OEM functions.

Vision Tech have a range of in car cameras and dash cameras but are also introducing a range of factory look retro fit solutions including 360 degree cameras. Additionally, manner of Vision Tech’s products include unlimited loop recording and shock sensors with video locking. This is particularly useful for monitoring driver behaviour and for lowering insurance premiums.


Vision Tech’s cameras either mount discreetly or, where discreet mounting is not possible, involves replacement trim which incorporates a camera mount.

This is great news for the enthusiast market but also for fleet operators who are often forced to chose commercial vehicles which often miss out on high end safety features like 360 degree cameras.


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