Some cool photos on social media today of a strange looking Qantas 747 – it has five engines! Qantas have done a great job explaining why and sharing photos of this rare sight on social media. They said “Today’s QF63 from Sydney to Johannesburg took off with an extra passenger on board – a six tonne Rolls Royce engine.”

Turns out a Qantas 747 needed an engine replacement, but it was in South Africa.  Rather than send a new engine over on a  slow boat, they strap it to existing anchor points on the 747 wing – inside the two standard wing engines, and just hanging there it is transport to its destination. Of course, the huge beast adds extra weight and to the 747, so QF63 had to stop in Perth to refuel.

Oh, and if you’re wondering “And what about the spare engine that we removed in Johannesburg? It will be sent home by boat – a much longer journey than by air as an extra passenger under the wing to Sydney.”