Audi continues with its tradition of only bringing consumer ready or near consumer ready products to CES with its display at CES 2016.


Improving on the already monumentally good infotainment screens already fitted to mid and high spec Audis is an improved touch screen. Working closely with engineering partner Bosch, Audi have launched touch screens with tactile ‘buttons’ despite maintaining a completely flat touch screen.

Initially I was skeptical but after playing with this system for a day I am convinced that we will see the Bosch system (or something similar) wheeled out across a whole range of brands really soon. It really is amazingly good and works beautifully with the fully digital instrument cluster.


Finally, Audi displayed an advancement on the existing digital instrument cluster. The new cluster consists of a freeform pane of glass that is incredibly thin at around 25 mm. With this new screen the only thing holding back a complete re-think of dashboard design is the HVAC system. When questioned about this holding back design Audi’s spokesman declared, “We’re working on that”.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with.