Nespresso Takes you to Mexico and Rwanda

Nespresso flavours are far and wide, from all over the world and for all ranges of intensity. Their latest limited edition range comes from two very different parts of the world yet both full of vibrance and charm.


The new flavour of Rwanda is called Umutima wa Lake Kivu which translates to Heart of Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu  is a densely populated area on the coast of Rwanda. Here, the growers have experienced a renaissance of the coffee growing industry and use the latest contemporary post-harvest practices to deliver coffee of the finest quality and aromatics that complement the Arabica.

Umutima wa Lake Kivu has an intensity of 6 and is best enjoyed as an espresso or a lungo, it loves the addition of milk and wont have its flavour burried in a cappuccino or latte.


Now, the Tanim de Chiapas is the flavour of Mexico. It means Heart of Chiapas. Coffee in Chiapas, Mexico is grown high on volcanic land which grows among other crops such as avocado and oranges. Interestingly, the coffee plantations in this area are mostly shaded and don’t receive full sunlight. This prolongs the ripening process and provides beans consistent in quality and with fine aromas.

Tanim de Chiapas has an intensity of 7 and is best enjoyed without milk as a ristretto or espresso, we favoured this one over the Rwanda however we will be trying them both again… and again… and again… to be sure.

Both new flavours are available from January 20th for $9.30 (10 pack) for a limited time.


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