Among the plethora of dash cam systems on display at CES 2016 comes something different from DOD.


DOD’s point of difference in the sea of dash cams is lens quality and specialisation.

All of DOD’s dash cams feature a super high quality Japanese glass lens, Sony Exmor sensors and new models will have a 12800 ISO up from the previous 3200.


Most interesting of all is this concept of specialisation. There is a DOD dash cam for fleets featuring live tracking, a regular dash cam with all of the standard features buyers expect and, finally, there is DOD’s new Champion SP1.

The SP1 is for motoring enthusiasts and track junkies. In addition to all of the regular dash cam features DOD’s SP1 includes functions for lap timing and brake distance timer.


The best news is that DOD’s Vice President, Andy Wu, has been in recent talks with some of Australia’s biggest electronic retailers and he was able to confirm that DOD products will be available in Australian stores in the very near future. Keep an eye out for them.