Taking a single stroke off your average can make your weekend spectacular. Any way to make that improvement is worth it. If you take your golf seriously then Garmin has announced three new gadgets you may want to consider.

Approach G10

This little pendant looking device is loaded with data on 40,000 golf courses and has GPS tracking, it will know exactly where you are on the golf course to help you know distance to the pin, recommendations on clubs to use and information such as the par for the course. The G10 will also help you track your shots per game, distances travelled and more. It’s a great little companion to keep you full of knowledge in your golf game.

The Approach G10 will be available in March for $199.

Approach S20

This smart watch from Garmin takes all the features of the G10 yet adds …more. The S20 will track the location of every shot, measuring the distance of each stroke and will sync this data to the cloud for post-game analysis. If the course changes or a new one opens up, Garmin will send you updates to the S20 to ensure you know exactly where the pin is, where the sand is and so on. Forget about the pencil and paper scorecard, the data on the S20 will sync to your phone enabling a digital score card at the end, get your mates onto these and you’ll be comparing all your stats at the pub afterwards.

In addition to the golf data, the S20 is also a decent smartwatch and fitness band for day to day use, track your steps, receive call and sms notifications and more. The S20 also works with the TruSwing below.

The Approach S20 will be available in February for $299.


How’s your swing? The new Garmin TruSwing can help you learn all about your swing. The little gadget attaches to your club and helps you analyse your strokes at a glance. Paired with an Approach S20 you’ll learn all the details around your swing just by looking at your wrist, paired with your smartphone though you’ll get 3D visuals of your swing and details to help you understand where you might be going wrong.

Ball Flight: Club path, face angle and shaft angle are three of the metrics that TruSwing provides that affect what direction the ball goes. This helps golfers understand what adjustments they need to make to hit the ball straighter

Trajectory: Shaft lean and face angle affect the dynamic loft, which impacts the trajectory the ball flies. Golfers can use these metrics to practice taking off or adding loft to their shots

Distance: How far the ball goes is related to how fast the club head is traveling and where on the club face the ball is hit. Golfers can use the swing tempo metric to improve swing consistency and see how it affects club head speed.

The TruSwing weights only 28 grams and will last 12 hours on a charge, it wont get in the way of your game and should last the 18 holes, right?

The TruSwing will be available from February for $229.