At CES in Las Vegas you certainly get a variety of new products. A shower head was not one I was expecting to see.

Hydrao is a company looking to help save water and monitor your usage in the shower. They are doing this with a product which replaces your ordinary shower head. The Hydrao does not require power either, so literally just replacing the existing shower head.


What then happens is you pair your new shower head to your smartphone. Download the app for the shower head (yes, we know how insane this sounds) and you have some settings to input.

You can program the shower head to light up in varying colours as water is used. If for example you would hope that you only use 20 litres per wash then the shower head may be programmed to light up yellow at 10 litres, orange at 15L and red at 20L. This way the user understands what usage compared to time feels like. The shower head wont cut off the water, so it isn’t restrictive however it does help educate people on their shower habits.

From this, you are then able to keep a log on your smartphone of the usage and look at potential savings over time and understand in real $$ what the shorter shower is worth.

A very smart idea and something that gym showers, hotel showers etc should be considering. We wouldn’t want one at home to nag us but to be reminded of the water consumption when you’re using a different shower could turn into savings for the environment.

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