Nespresso was a company that saw an opportunity for pod based coffee. A system that was individual, simple and every serving would be exactly as the company intended. Dosage, flavour and method. A Nespresso from the neighbour would be the same as a Nespresso from the Pope.

D-Vine is a company that has done a very similar act, however, in the wine market.


Sure, most of us will take a red wine out of the cupboard, pour some in a glass and we’re happy. White wine drinkers will stick it in the fridge and then pour away. So, why complicate things? Well, you might not realise this, however each wine has a different serving temperature and it isn’t just “room temperature” or “cold”.

The D-Vine is a product that stands a little taller than a wine bottle. It takes a vile of wine, detects the wine and then serves the wine exactly as the vineyard intended. The right temperature, the right aeration and the right amount.


D-Vine sources wine from all over France (at this stage) and has the wine put into viles large enough to hold a single serving of wine. Each vile has a chip that contains all the information about the wine and is shared with the D-Vine upon insertion. This chip can also be read by smartphones so that you also can learn about the wine before/during/after you drink it.

There are some benefits here; no need to open a whole bottle of wine if only you want a drink. No need to be bothered if all four guests prefer a different wine. No need to worry about whether you have wine in the fridge. It is a machine that does exactly what Nespresso did; provide a simple solution to peoples preferences and tastes while also ensuring a consistent product every time.

The D-Vine viles cost around $3 to $5 each while the machine is closer to $500. This machine is not for everyone but it is a great indication as to what is possible and how this will evolve in the future.

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