JVC/Kenwood has used CES 2016 to unveil their latest dashboard camera except this one isn’t your average dashboard camera.


The Kenwood DRV410 is a tiny little unit which clips to your dashboard in the normal way. Small enough to hide behind the rear view mirror the DRV410 introduces features such as Lane Departure Warning, Start Delay Warning and Collision Alert to the simple dash cam.

The DRV410 is records in wide angle super HD with 4 million pixels. It is GPS linked and has a G Shock sensor. It can be set up to record constantly, even when parked.


While the advanced features, such as Collision Alert, are in no way as good as the systems that are fully integrated into the vehicle, like Collision Mitigation, the little DRV410 is a great way to upgrade your car’s safety devices without selling or trading in.


The really incredible thing is the price.  For the cost of around five cases of VB you can have Lane Departure Warning! The DRV410 will be available in early 2016 and will retail for US$200.

The really bad news? Kenwood has no plans for releasing the DRV410 in Australia and claim that it is a US model only.


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