During CES in Las Vegas, Sony has brought more new products then we could mention. There is a strong focus here on audio visual and Sony has come out swinging.

Here are our top picks from CES by Sony:

XBR® X930D Series 4K HDR LCD TV (55” and 65” Class models) and X940D (75” Class model)
Available Early 2016

The high-end TV range from Sony is nothing short of magnificent. They aren’t the thinnest in the show but thin is still very thin. Here is the detail:

  • HDR compatible to receive and process the new video standard signal with higher brightness, higher contrast and vibrant color.
  • X-tended Dynamic Range PRO to produce ideal contrast, enhancing HDR and non-HDR content by boosting and dimming the backlight levels precisely for each zone of the screen with a unique backlighting algorithm.
  • New Slim Backlight Drive technology, which uses a unique grid array local dimming backlighting structure to distribute the backlight source more precisely to each specific zone of the screen through slim display (X930D only*).
  • 4K X-Reality PRO brings stunning detail using a unique algorithm from a reality creation database for TV broadcasting, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Internet video and digital still photos.

  • 4K Processor X1 to improve colour accuracy, contrast and clarity of HD, 4K and 4K HDR video.
  • Supports Google’s Android TV operating system, making it easy to stream video, functions as a gaming device and providing enhanced features. Google Cast™ will provide users with greater connectivity than ever before by enabling them to cast content from mobile devices.
  • Voice Search and Voice Command available through a remote equipped with a microphone. With access to Google Play™, consumers can enjoy what they like to do on a smartphone or tablet, from their television.
  • Sony’s exclusive Content Bar allows customers to access content quickly and intuitively without any disturbing while watching TV by enhancing and shortening content direct access.
  • Ultra-thin design the revolutionary floating style is virtually frameless and mounts flush to any wall.

h.ear on Wireless NC (Wireless Noise cancelling headphones)

Available end of Q1 2016

The h.ear range from Sony combines High-Resolution Audio capability with bold, distinctive design. Vibrant sound has never looked so good.

  • Expanded Hi-Res audio to include wireless technology through LDAC™ for Wireless listening with near Hi-Res sound quality
  • Bluetooth Audio and One-touch listening with NFC
  • Dual noise sensor technology featuring Digital Noise Canceling software reduces a variety of ambient sound


  • 40 mm HD driver unit that supports Hi-Res, up to 40 kHz reproduction while offering augmented bass reproduction through a high-compliance implementation
  • Beat Response Control improves the transient characteristic in bass reproduction and delivers accurate rhythm
  • Features a compressed body shape, a smooth, compact design and a seamless finish


Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector

This little projector from Sony is just gorgeous. It is capable of being completely wireless (power and visual) while still producing a fantastic display, at a short distance. As seen on the desk it would easily be a fantastic secondary monitor.

Available in the first half of fiscal 2016 (US). Not confirmed for Australia sadly.

  • Simply place it by the wall or on the table, and it projects images from 22” to 80”.
  • Wireless, portable, built-in battery and speaker all in one 10cm cubical unit

  • Nothing left when turning off as there are no frames or displays.
  • Enjoy variety of viewing experiences with your smartphone or HDMI devices
  • Always play your favourite contents on your wall.
  • Simple design which integrates to your rooms.

While we have only chosen three from Sony in this piece we will be covering more of their products as they are released in Australia over the course of 2016. Stay tuned!


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