The largest supplier of automotive infotainment systems and batteries, Panasonic used CES 2016 to celebrate the ongoing partnership with Ford and the introduction of Sync 3.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.40.14 AM

Panasonic’s North American CEO Joe Taylor also used this opportunity to announce that a partnership between Honda/Acura and Panasonic has resulted in the inclusion of an Elliot Scheiner developed Panasonic sound system for the soon to be released Acura (Honda) NSX.

Panasonic is justifiably proud of its collaboration with Scheiner and are convinced that his experience engineering the sounds of the Foo Fighters, Beck, Van Morrison, Queen, Clapton and the Eagles will result in an outstanding listening experience for NSX customers.

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Regardless of how good the sound system is, it is unlikely to surpass the howl of the dry sump’ed, twin turbo’ed V6 that the NSX features.