With a name like “Universal Car Remote” you’d hope their claim that their key replacement system is “the next big thing in automotive key replacement” is spot on.


The guys at Universal in Louisville Kentucky have designed and built an aftermarket key remote that will work on over 70 million cars built in the last 16 years.

Universal offer two models. The first is for keys that have a separate remote. To replace a lost factory remote with a Universal remote will save hundreds of dollars.


The second model is for cars that have an integrated key head remote. To replace this type of key you to have the Universal Car Keys remote cut and programmed by an automotive locksmith.


The DIY model retails for US$24.95. There is no Australian distributor and Chad from Universal Car Remote warned that not all non-North American spec cars will be compatible, so perhaps don’t get too excited yet!

Universal Car Remote www.universalcarremote.com