During summer we all struggle to keep our lawns green and gardens in flower. Going outside to hose the garden or turn on the sprinkler can be a real bore. Watering is also something we can’t do for ourselves while on holiday.

At CES in Las Vegas, we have found a great little product that can help you schedule and automate your watering.

Solem, based in France, has a little device that plugs into your standard tap kitting and accepts a standard hose/sprinkler connection on the other end. It takes a 9 volt battery and as bluetooth built-in. Installing the app on your smartphone takes seconds and within a few minutes you can set the device to water your garden at certain times and on certain days. For example, at 4am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, let water through for 30 minutes.


This is one of those products that could let you set and forget the hassle of worrying for good. The best bit – if it rained, open the app and tweak the settings, it is simple.

The Solem BL-NR retails for around $60 USD but sadly no plans are in place to bring them to Australian retail stores, yet.


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