This week at CES in Las Vegas, we found a company with a tiny but hugely useful gadget. It is called Chipolo and it has two fabulous uses…


Attach it to your keys, install the app on your smartphone and connect the two via bluetooth, you’ll then be able to “ring” your keys wherever you’ve left them in the house. It has up to 200ft or 60m range.


What about the other way around? Yep, if you have your keys but no idea where the phone is, shake the Chipolo and your phone (even if on silent) will start ringing.

Beyond that, it has one other fantastic use, and it is for the selfie lover. Holding your phone and struggle to reach the button to capture the image? Got your phone in a tripod and hoping to capture a large group shot? Shake the Chipolo when in camera mode and it’ll snap that shot.


This lead us to think about parents taking photos of young children, the old shake the keys trick to make them smile? Well, do that with the camera app open and you may just capture that smile without even trying.

The Chipolo has a 6 month battery life and another battery is included in the box. For $29.95, that is not a bad deal!

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