Samsung announced a new refrigerator at CES in Las Vegas this week however it does a heck of a lot more than keep your milk cold.

Fridges don’t normally grace the pages of EFTM but this week we have seen a fantastic one from LG and now this piece of wonder from Samsung.

The reason for the hype? It is internet connected and has a 21.5inch touchscreen display. So, why is this a good thing?


Samsung has added this touchscreen to the fridge to allow you to see your calendar, put photos on the fridge (virtually), add reminders and notes, view recipes, do your shopping on the fridge and even control your audio.

The biggest thing to this all though is that the fridge knows what is inside. How? Cameras are mounted in the fridge door that capture what is in your fridge and allows you to view that on your smartphone while you’re at the grocery store. That question of whether you need milk is answered immediately.

The cameras also all you to view the inside of your fridge on that 21.5inch touchscreen. With that you are then able to used by dates to your products and get reminders on when items are past due. This also comes in handy when you’re at the shops also.


The fridge does have a built-in speaker and microphone allowing you to play music through the speaker or even instructions from your recipe guide. The microphone allows you to use the smart features via voice command too.

The Family Hub from Samsung is likely to be in Australian stores around July this year however it won’t come cheap, early predictions are around $7,000.

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