Mercedes-Benz has used CES 2016 to launch their MercedesMe app on to the North American market. Already established in Europe, MercedesMe continues with 2016’s key trend of connectivity and adaptability.

The key features of MercedesMe include the ability to remotely start your vehicle, remotely lock and unlock your car and view its current location.


Soon MercedesMe will feature additional functions including predictive and real-time service scheduling, the ability for dealers to know your preferences and preset preferences being transferred to every Mercedes-Benz you may drive.

Benjamin Oberkersch, from Mercedes Benz’s Research, Development and Environmental Communications, explained that personalisation is crucially important to Mercedes. Personalisation and connectivity, he explained, is a given for Mercedes and will be available throughout the range.


When asked about MercedesMe being able to adjust seats and mirrors to predetermined preferences, say when partners share cars in multiple car households Oberkersch stated that this is exactly the sort of personalisation, connectivity and adaptability that Mercedes-Benz is chasing.

Sadly, there is no word yet on the availability of all MercedesMe functions for Australia.

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