The only way to describe this is by imaging your Nespresso machine producing juice and being in a bottle and being controlled by your smartphone… whatttt?


This bottle looks mostly like a water bottle. It does however hold five “FuelPods” in the top. The FuelPods contain different flavours, vitamins, beverage concentrates etc which are extracted into your water bottle at the trigger on your smartphone or trigger on the bottle. Each FuelPod is good for up to 25 servings and is to be mixed with water.


The LifeFuels bottle comes with an app that acts as the primary interface to the bottle. It learns from your body, your behaviours and your lifestyle choices. It will connect with your other wearables to provide insights and suggestions on how you can improve your overall hydration and nutrition.

It is currently unavailable however the company is looking to release to the market soon.

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