This little product makes a lot of bold claims, and it’s important to read them carefully – but regardless, when a product exceeds 250% of its funding goal online through crowdfunding – it’s got to be on a winner right?

Here’s the claim:

World’s Fastest Battery Pack. The power to charge your phone 100% in only 5 minutes


Yep, you read that right.

But, let me break it down for you.

This is the World’s Fastest “charging” Battery Pack. The power to “get enough” charge “stored inside it”“to enable you to charge” your phone 100% “and charging the battery pack from mains power takes” only 5 minutes


See what I did there?

So, its pretty awesome. I can think of several times when I’ve wanted to throw a spare battery pack into a bag, but alas, they had no charge. Waiting an hour not an option. Waiting 5 minutes – yeah, I can manage that.


With the “Charge ASAP” that’s exactly what’s possible. Because it has a proper power input on it, not just a micro USB charger. Using that adaptor you can inject power into the ASAP battery fast and while on a whole charge it has enough power to charge your phone many times over, you can get enough power inside it in about 5 minutes to charge your phone to 100%.


Great concept, some work to be done to make sure people really understand what it’s doing – and I sure hope the people who’ve put down their hard earned cash aren’t assuming this will charge their phone in five minutes, because it can’t.

If you’re keen to be an early adopter, you can fund it ($89) and get one for yourself at