I’ve had wraps on Oppo phones since using the R7 for a while last year. It’s a cracking great device. Having not been a fan of the larger screened 5.5 inch devices like the iPhone 6 Plus, a year ago the new Oppo R7s wouldn’t have appealed. But now, it does.


Make no mistake, I’m stuck in the Apple ecosystem. I love it, and have no regrets. But, when I see the quality of devices being pumped out running Android I get great hope for people who ask me “which phone should I buy”.

I’ve made a point of using the larger iPhone 6s Plus for a while. It’s good, just that it’s so big! The Lovehandle has made it manageable.


Sitting next to the iPhone 6s Plus the Oppo R7s actually looks the better device. The edges, the screen, the colour – it all looks quality. Turn it on and there’s no disappointment there either.

It could be tricks they play with the backgrounds and theme, but the AMOLED screen really pops, it looks fantastic. There are times I wish I could turn the brightness up another 10% but that’s just picky.


The camera is great, at 13 megapixels the quality won’t disappoint, and they claim a super fast auto focus too. Though I didn’t notice that in day to day use.

If you’re looking for value for money it’s hard to go past Oppo’s R7 range, the R7s is a genuinely impressive 5.5 inch phone. Once again, people overlooking a device like this are either locked into the Apple ecosystem or just aren’t open to considering an Android phone at a lower than flagship price point.


There’s not much point going into chapter and verse on this one, everything great about the R7 carries up into its bigger sibling, and if this is the size for you, I’m confident you’ll like it when you see it.

You can buy the R7sonlineand they say also through Dick Smith – though who knows on that front from day to day..