EFTM was in attendance at Sydney Showgrounds for the inaugural Meatstock event. A festival for meat lovers, BBQ amateurs and professionals. There was plenty of smoking, but not of cigarettes, cows and pigs were given the ultimate respect of being cooked and enjoyed in the best ways possible.

Over the course of the day we met with many vendors who want to bring the passion of smoking, barbecuing and grilling to you. We picked our favourite units…

Pit Barrel Cooker

We saw plenty of smokers and some of them could be extremely intimidating to a newbie. The Pit Barrel Cooker looks like a familiar (although not normally for cooking) item yet it has a very simple cooking method.


Looks like a barrel, has some horse shoe handles and a very simple group of accessories to cook your meat in varies ways. For around the $300 mark it’s a great little meat cooker.pitbarrel

The Schwenkr Bonfire BBQ

This was a really creative look at how to setup a simple BBQ. This German designed product is certainly for the artistic minded and will suit a certain home who wants to put on the classiest possible BBQ.


It has a similar design to an overhead outdoor umbrella however it hangs a grilling ring to suspend above your fire or coals. With every purchase though, you’ll receive 100 sausages to get you started, you’d hope so for a $1400 BBQ!


The Everdure e churrasco

Everdure is a David to the Goliath of Weber in the BBQ world however the competition is fierce. We stopped by Everdure and fell in love with a BBQ that is unlike many others. The e churraso combines the convenience of gas with the amazing potential from cooking with coals. Load the BBQ with some coals and ignite it all with some gas burners, it’ll be ready to cook on in 15 minutes.

It has a simple grilling top for your meat and veg and truthfully, the coals is so great for cooking with, the flavour coal adds to food is something you must experience. Not an expensive unit at $299 and comes in a variety of colours, we tip our hat to Everdure on this one.


One more notable mention…

This sort of beast is not for your normal backyard. This massive smoker would fit a few humans and more. Each bay has space for multiple stacks of meat, the whole thing weighs a tonne and is longer than a sedan. It is a thing of smoking beauty.