Today in Melbourne, Epson and Mercedes Benz Formula 1 team hosted a demonstration of augmented reality and the spectacle is next level learning.

Sitting in the back of the Mercedes Benz Formula 1 team garage in cinema style chairs, noise cancelling headphones on, Epson Moverio glasses on, the show begins. We are sitting and looking at the team work on their two Formula 1 cars while we are hearing the voice of a documentary in the team history and information about the car. At the same time is a visual overlay displaying video, text and still images which don’t block our view of the garage but provide another layer of visuals over what we see in real life.

IMG_7323It was extremely interesting to watch the team work on the F1 car in real life while also seeing facts and figures about the team overlaid. It was a complete tour of the garage and the inside story of the team without even moving. It is essentially a transparent video display which you can wear.


Moverio is being used in the medical world and other industries for similar purposes with overlaying of information to enhance and improve experiences in the real world. It can be confusing, it can sound bizarre but it is 100% fantastic and something worth getting excited about.

The Moverio BT-300 is going to be available to consumers soon.

Geoff travelled to Melbourne as a guest of Epson