It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it’s an Aston Martin on a Crane!  These incredible photos and video show the logistics involved in getting a rare Aston Martin GT12 into the second story window of an event centre in Melbourne.

Walking into the Aerial event venue in Melbourne last night for the announcement of the Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin Innovation partnership, I was struck by how there could be three stunning Aston Martin vehicles sitting inside a room seemingly defying all logic.

The room was accessible by a narrow stairway and a simple lift.  So how on earth did they get the cars in here?

Including I might add – a one in 100 only Aston Martin GT12.  This is a car that I’m sure tops $750,000.

Then I saw this


That’s right, getting the cars from down here to up there was all done with a little crane lift.


Wow, you pull out a few windows and with a nifty little lift crane you risk the value of each car one by one to delicately place them through the window and onto the function room floor.


Tell me that wouldn’t have been nerve-wracking!

It all went well, and the event went off without a hitch.