Today in Melbourne, Epson announced their latest line of projectors designed for your home new home theatre. The new range is focused on laser projector and moves away from traditional lamp technology.


What this means is a sharper, brighter and longer lasting image which Epson says will run at least 20,000 hours long before any maintenance is required. Most traditional projectors today require a lamp change at least every 10,000 hours. Those globes can be expensive.


The new range is also 4K enhanced, this effectively doubles the amount of pixels in a full HD image. The range tops out at 12,000 lumens and with a short throw lens you could achieve a 200 inch image from 1.5 meters away.

We went first hand with these new units and the image projected is fantastic. It wasn’t done on a painted wall, it was projected onto a proper theatre screen. We will say though that the units are not tiny, they should be mounted on the ceiling professionally and not the centre of attention, the image however will be.


We spoke with Epson about the 20,000 hour promise and what happens AFTER the 20,000 hour usage has hit. Epson confirmed that after 20,000 hours the brightness will be at 50% of what it was at new, it can still be used however it won’t operate as bright as it did out of the box. It would be the best time to service the projector.

Pricing is currently unavailable however expect this to be the standard across home theatre setups. Laser projection is less maintenance and produces better quality images, ticks some boxes for everyone.

Geoff travelled to Melbourne as a guest of Epson