Nespresso by far own the coffee capsule market. For years their machines have been bought and stored in kitchens to make the easiest coffee ever. The days of relying on the cafe for a coffee has reduced as a result of Nespresso. Each year we get to experience new flavoured pods and new ranges of machines are released. This year is no different.

Introducing the Nespresso Prodigio by DeLonghi. Spanish for Prodigy, meaning genius, talented, unique – this is the first “smart” coffee machine that we have tested and it’s certainly interesting. 20160316_193716

What is smart about this machine? With bluetooth onboard, you are able to connect your smartphone to the Prodigio. The Nespresso app is slightly modified to allow you to control your machine, from around 10 meters away. You can use the app to trigger the pouring of the coffee or even schedule your next coffee.


The Prodigio does not auto load your pod and does not auto load your cup, so if you’re planning on scheduling your coffee, there are two things you must have prepared prior. The app also asks you to add the count of pods in stock, this will help you set reorder points and a quick order process via the app to get keep your cupboard stocked with coffee.


The machine itself is as you expect from Nespresso and DeLonghi. The machine is well put together, solid and the noise levels are low. The coffee produced is standard and consistent every time. The Prodigio also has one power point for the milk frother and machine, which is handy when power outlets are scarce. The smart feature will only control the pouring of the coffee and won’t turn the milk frother on.

During the review of this machine we were asked if it was worth upgrading their current Nespresso machine and truth be told, if there is nothing wrong with you current Nespresso machine then the coffee produced will not improve with a new machine. If however you do not own a Nespresso machine and you’re in the market for your first then this is the one we would go for. Relatively low cost, great build quality and at a dinner party – your friends will be blown away when you start making coffee from your phone, you magician.