Step aside Chicken – Mickey Mouse is in town, along with 100 other Disney and Pixar characters – a new version of Crossy Road is launching soon under a development agreement between Disney and Aussie team Hipster Whale.

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The Hipster Whale boys created the sensation of the App Store in late 2014 with their new take on the old style Frogger concept, this time an endless race to stay alive hopping across roads, parks, train tracks, rivers and more.

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Not just a downloading success, a financial success too with entirely optional in-app purchases offering new characters and creating great engagement.

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Appearing on-stage at the Apple Event last year where the new generation Apple TV was announced the team are clearly doing the right thing in Apple’s eyes and considering Apple gets a cut from every in-app purchase they’ll be pleased with this new collaboration.

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Disney Crossy Road will feature characters from the Disney and Pixar stables, over 100 in total.  Of course some will likely come included with the app, others you will earn and others will be available to buy.

Why will this be a financial success? Because what parent can say no to a young child who wants you to spend $1.99 on a “Lightning McQueen” character – certainly cheaper than buying the toy from Kmart.

There are no details yet of timing for the app’s release, or price, but we’d expect it to be a free purchase with in-app purchases.