The team at Parrot are proud of their new creation, which – while similar in looks and name to its predecessor is all new from front to back – and the Aussie pricing has just been announced.

BEBOP_DRONE_2_Packshot_RED_front_01_no_bkgd copie

Up $100 in RRP for the drone itself, the Bebop 2 will set you back $899 and comes in red and white.  However, the deal is to be done when you buy the Sky Controller as a package up front with your Bebop 2.

With the Sky Controller the kit will set you back $1299 – $300 less than the kit for the original Bebop.


Still weighing just 500 grams, it’s a nimble little bird.  Controlled via iPad or the Sky Controller itself with iPad mounted for FPV camera view it offers a range of options for flight.

25 minutes flight time is comparable if not better than the vast majority of its competitors too.


Oh and it flys, and we don’t just mean literally – it’s fast too.  60km/h horizontally and 21km/h vertically – reaching maximum speed in 14 seconds it can push up to 100 meters height in just 20 seconds and can withstand winds up to 63km/h.

For an extra $30 you can also buy an in-app purchase for the Free Flight 3 application that gives you flight planning abilities.  You map the course and it will fly like a robot along the course at your say so.


The Bebop is great for beginners, and early enthusiasts.  It doesn’t offer the complete range and abilities of a Phantom from DJI mainly because it can feel flimsy in flight.  However, it’s a solid drone that’s got wide commercial appeal and for that reason you’ll find it in major retailers.

The Bebop 2 is on pre-order now, and will be in stores late in March.