A foldable smartphone from Google has been rumoured for a long time but rumours are starting to line up now suggesting that the Pixel Fold will be announced next month and go on sale in June.

CNBC is today reporting that Google plans to announce the new Pixel Fold at their Google I/O developer conference on May 10 and launch it to customers “sometime in June.”  None of this is a ground-breaking revelation but for CNBC, a non-tech site to report it is certainly something.

The CNBC report is based on “internal documents and images” they viewed which also state that the new foldable will have “the most durable hinge on a foldable” phone.  These are big claims considering others have been at the foldable thing for much longer, with more time to hone their hardware.

Image by FrontPageTech.com

The phone is also expected to cost “upward of $1,700” (US dollars) placing it right at about the level of the other foldable smartphone with this form factor on sale in Australia – the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (RRP >$2,499AU).       

So what will this price get you?  

The documentation CNBC saw suggests that, at least in the US, Google will throw in a Pixel Watch with each Pixel Fold purchase.  Rumoured specs for the Google foldable include 256GB base storage, the same Tensor G2 processor that is housed in the Pixel 7 smartphones, an inner OLED display that opens out to 7.6-inches and an outer OLED display of 5.8-inches. The dates CNBC are reporting line up with other rumours seen recently:

While the rumours are all suggesting these dates, prices and more, Google is well-known for changing things up, pushing back release dates and more shenanigans.   Don’t be surprised if May 10 comes and goes and we neither see nor hear anything related to the Pixel Fold.  

Other announcements we expect to see at Google I/O are the Pixel Tablet and the mid-range Pixel 7a alongside Android 14 changes. Google may already have too much on their plate as it is but hopefully the Pixel Fold is announced on May 10 at Google I/O — we’ve waited so long for it.

Be sure that if Google do mention the Pixel Fold, we will bring all the relevant to you here at EFTM.

Image: OnLeaks and HowToiSolve