You love hiking, you’ve got a backpack for the bare essentials for your relaxing walk through the wilderness.  But then a baby enters your life and things like hiking seem a thing of the past.  Here’s the answer to the question of “can I still go hiking once I’ve had a baby”. The Osprey Poco AG Child Carrier.


No, it’s not a joke, this is a genuine thing.  Baby on Board stickers should come in the package.

Osprey make great backpacks already, so this is a real leap to building something that carries a child and your stuff! It results in a pretty impressive bit of kit.

Poco_S16_Holz_ Boggy-8693

A padded ventilated harness keeps the baby secure, surrounded by an aluminium frame with loads of adjustment for the hiker.

There’s also a sun shade to keep your bubba safe from UB, and of course there’s room for your stuff too because it’s still a backpack!

Not cheap though, you’re looking at between $349.95 and $449.95 depending on the size and inclusions.