Formula One drivers have only one real outlet for expressing their own personality when in the car – their helmet. These days F1 drivers have special designs every year and also several times a year.

This weekend, the Formula One circus is in China for the 3rd Grand Prix of the year, which is also the 1000th Formula One race of all time.

A historic moment, which by many is being celebrated with a special edition helmet.

Aussie Daniel Ricciardo is one such driver, and his design is epic.

He’s gone for something very simple, modelled on the great Sir Jack Brabham.

The grey design with a single black stripe and Daniel’s Surname down the side is not just a design replica, but also has been painted to look like it’s come from way back then and been through a few Grands Prix already.

The painted lines, name and number are all done by hand with a slight shake, the MAPFRE sponsor above the visor has been done on Gaffer tape and even the model number is done by hand.

It’s utterly beautiful work by JMD (Jens Munser Designs) and would make one heck of a collectors item.