He may be best known as the filmmaker behind “The Lord of the Rings” but New Zealand based Peter Jackson has taken on the mammoth task of producing a documentary movie about The Beatles and his sneak peek today will leave you wanting much much more

Jackson is at pains to point out this is not a preview trailer for the movie, instead, acknowledging that production has been delayed because of COVID, so ahead of the trailers and the film’s September 2021 release, he wanted to show some of the footage they’re working with.

Jackson says they are working with some 56 hours of never before seen footage, and what he shows in this 5 minute video is utterly remarkable.

Inside the studios, very much behind the scenes footage – it really seems amazing.

Jackson said, “We wanted to give the fans of The Beatles all over the world a holiday treat, so we put together this five-minute sneak peek at our upcoming theatrical film ‘The Beatles: Get Back.’ We hope it will bring a smile to everyone’s faces and some much-needed joy at this difficult time.”

While trailers will release in 2021, we have to wait until September 2 2021 to see the full movie.