Sometimes the best accessories for products are made by companies other than those who designed the product themselves.  Apple is famous for this, with aftermarket products for phones, tablets and even laptops proving popular for years – this week Logitech announced a great looking stand for the iPad pro under its “Logi” brand.


The Logi BASE is actually the first device on the market that uses the three little dots on one side of your iPad Pro (the Smart Connector) to charge the device.  Don’t know about you but I had no idea that was even possible.

Made from high-grade aluminium – familiar to any Apple product owner – the BASE has a sleek single curve from the desk up to where your iPad Pro will lean.


It is actually the best charging accessory for any Apple iPad or iPhone that I’ve seen.  Like the Apple Watch, this allows the iPad Pro to be simply sat down and it’s charging.  No need to plug into the Lightning port on the base.  Instead your lightning cable is plugged into the back of the Logi BASE and the power is delivered through the Smart Connector.  Pure genius.


“Last autumn we introduced the Logi CREATE – the first third-party keyboard compatible with Apple’s Smart Connector,” said Michele Hermann, Vice President of Mobility at Logitech. “With the introduction of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, we’re excited to continue to deliver innovation – beyond the keyboard – that leverages the Smart Connector and helps you make the most of your iPad Pro, in any room at home or the office.”


As Michelle said in the release of this product, this stand suits both iPad Pros – 12.9inch and 9.7inch – and because it has a rubberised base almost sticks to your desk, it’s steady and can be tapped away and touched as normal when docked.


I love it, because it sits so low on the desk, it puts the iPad Pro in the perfect spot to watch a show, browse a recipe, talk to Siri while you work or just browse your emails.  This is the kind of design, engineering and usability that suits Apple products like no other. Excellent stuff from Logitech.


You can buy a Logi BASE now for $149.95 from Logitech or Apple.