I don’t spend a lot of time researching dental products I have to admit, I use the same toothpaste I’ve used for years, I’ve got a manual brush and an Automatic one depending on how much time I want to spend brushing, but Flossing isn’t something that I’ve been big on – until now.

My Dentist tells me to floss, she even recommended these little stick brushes that actually push in-between your teeth, they do a great job.

And if you’re like me and don’t floss regularly, you know that when you do you get a very clear and clean sensation around your gums. Plus, you kinda know you’ve given it a good go if it clears out more than you expected.


Philips website says by their research 89% of people who use String Floss found the AirFloss Ultra easier to use.

So, what the heck is it?


Well at a glance it looks like it could be an electric toothbrush, that is until you put the nozzle on. Then you find a water receptacle like your iron, though much much smaller. Just a tablespoon of water or so and you’re done.

Charged up, it’s fully wireless and all you do is power it up and set the speed/intensity.

Place the nozzle in your mouth between two teeth and press the go button. Three bursts of water will be fired at high-speed between your teeth.

Press and hold and it just keeps going.


The theory is it’s clearing out what your brush didn’t. And it certainly seems to work, gives me the feeling of flossing without having to draw out a bit of string.

It’s $199, and you’ve got to be serious about improving your dental health to spend that cash, but, I do believe it works.


My only gripe would be that it needs to take more water on board. It runs out fast, and while that might be all you need if you’re in the habit, there are times you want to just do a bit more, so a refill is required.


Aside from that, very interesting – will be interesting to see what my dentist says at my next visit!