We’ve come a long way when it comes to recycling. It wasn’t that long ago that the concept of household recycling was introduced but have you actually thought about what is made from products that are recycled? When you think of something like batteries, you probably never gave a moments thought to where the broken down recycled product goes. Energizer is changing that.


Recycle an aluminium can, it’s likely to end up going back to create more cans. Same with paper, these days there’s a clear cycle of paper going back to make more paper.

But when it comes to batteries they are most likely to be turned into some sort of steel product or something unrelated to batteries.

That changes, with the Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries.


While they aren’t entirely made from recycled product, 4% of their weight is recycled content, and 10% of a key active ingredient is recycled battery material. That’s a huge step forward.

Energizer want to get that level to 40% by 2025, creating a solid loop in the recycling and production of batteries.


There are claims of how long it will hold a charge and how much longer it will last, but in reality, you’re not shopping on those things – if you want to play a role in the reducing the impact of battery production on the environment, check out the Energizer EcoAdvanced.

Oh, and to play a more vital role than that? Stop throwing batteries in your landfill rubbish and find a local drop of place for batteries and get them into the recycling ecosystem.