I wrote not long ago about the Suzuki Vitara, broadly looking at the whole Vitara range – and I loved it. This week I’ve been driving the newly introduced Turbo variant – and it’s sensational.


This press vehicle is designed to get your eye first and foremost. The black colour, black wheels it’s like a Mini Range Rover “black pack”. Jump inside and your eye’s are opened wide by the bright red lining around the dash. After just a day, I loved it.


Plug in your iPhone and you’ve got Apple Car Play front and centre, a non complex centre console free from buttons and knobs just all focussed on that centre touch screen. I’d still like a physical volume control but you get used to that in time.


Fire it up and you’ve got a gentle sound, a comfy seat at a nice high visual position on the road.

It’s a small car, easy to navigate through traffic, and then there’s the Turbo. I don’t recall feeling desperately underpowered in the other Vitara models but I can tell you for sure I’m not left wanting here with the Vitara Turbo.


Test it out with a few “off the lights” runs – hitting that narrow gap before the left lane ends – no problem. This is no sports car, don’t be mistaken, but the delivery of power feels consistent and fervent when you’re in need. But who’s driving a small SUV for speed – this is a small family run-about, a nice weekend cruise, a beachgoers delight – it’s really something for everyone.


It’s small, so it’s not for a family of five, nor is it for a big road-trip with limited load space, but it rides well, handles well, feels exceptional in terms of fit and finish inside for its price.


I said before, and I’ll say again, I don’t know why we don’t see more of these on the road – it must be that people aren’t doing their homework before making these big purchases.

The Suzuki Vitara Turbo has the power to deliver when you need it, the comfort to get you through a daily commute or a nice road trip and the creature comforts not found in many cars double the price. Apple Car Play is an outstanding feature on a $30,000 car.

Test one today.

Automatic$23,990$24,990(2015 Build)
S-Turbo 2WDAutomatic$28,990$29,990
S-Turbo 4WDAutomatic$32,990Plus on-roads