Well the idea of home brewing appeals to many but rarely happens – because it’s complex to set up and get all the gear.  WilliamsWarn is a personal brewery you can set up “out of the box” and get brewing.

My Grandfather had his own little brewery going on in the Laundry of their Springwood home, with an old fridge as the home for it all the taps were drilled in the front meaning he had beer on tap from the front of the fridge with all the kit inside the door – it was brilliant.  My Brother too loves a beer and has dabbled in home brewing, but nothing has looked easy so if you’re like me and need something to work “out of the box” then this could be for you.

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The WilliamsWarn BrewMaster is a big bit of kit, and will set you back $7,499 if you dare.

They say it will produce cold, clear, perfectly carbonated, professional quality beer in seven days – just like a modern brewery.

Designed in New Zealand by two friends they wanted to improve the quality of the home brewing industry.

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Professional beer connoisseur and co-inventor of the personal brewery, Ian Williams, says the business is focused on growing the brand in the Australian market.

 “As a Kiwi company, establishing the brand in Australia has always been on the agenda for us.  We’ve got some aggressive growth plans in place this year as a result of the success of our business to date.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming more beer thinkers to our family of brewers and sharing our passion for beer with the Australian community.”

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The WilliamsWarn BrewMaster has 14 beer kits plus a cider kit to match the Beer Judge Certification Program Style Guidelines, and some recipes on how to add hops and malts to make more styles.

Find your local stockist either E&S Trading or Harvey Norman store at WilliamsWarn.